5 Tips to Throwing Your Perfect DIY Pizza Party

Brunch Fest, Beer Fest, Rib Fest, Taco Fest, and now Pizza Fest! There’s almost a food festival and celebration for everything in Toronto. This past weekend, we celebrated a little taste of Italy at Ontario Place for this year’s Pizza Fest presented by Taste Toronto.

Toronto’s 2nd annual Pizza Fest had over 20 vendors, live music, pizza making class, wine tasting, bocce ball, and photo booths to throw the most epic pizza party. Here are some tips and tricks to throwing your own DIY Pizza Party that we learned from Pizza Fest.

Make Your Dough The Day Before

One of the best tips that I learned from attending the pizza making class at Pizza Fest is to make your homemade dough the night before. It’s super easy and it gives your dough enough time to rise and be flavourful. This is one of my favourite recipes from Ricardo’s Cuisine for homemade pizza dough.

Have Your Toppings Chopped, Prepped, and Ready to Go

Do you like pineapple on your pizza? What about anchovies? To satisfy all the different variations of toppings for everyone’s pizza, you’ll want to have these toppings prepped before hand. Anything that you can chop, dice, slice and have in bowls ready for everyone to top their pizza with will speed things up. And if you’re wondering if I’m the type of person that likes pineapple on pizza, the answer is always yes.

Have you ever tried a sweet pizza? Imagine a pizza with nutella, strawberries, and caramel drizzle…yum! I’m drooling just thinking about it. Have some sweets, fresh fruits, and ice cream toppings out in case any of your guests want to make a dessert pizza.

Have Your Guests Make Their Own Pizza

Having your friends involved with making their own pizzas will add to the party. These DIY type of parties are great for all ages and so customizable to satisfy the sweet or savoury craving. You also save some time by having one make their own pizzas!

Something to Wine About

No party is complete without drinks. What’s better than pairing your slice of pizza with a glass of wine? Try our recipe for our 4 Ingredient Jell-O Wine Pops to add to your glass of wine.

“Say Cheese!”

Say cheese! Not the literal cheese, but the smiling kind-of “cheese”. No party is complete without setting a back drop or photo booth area for your party.

Pizza Fest had some really cute backdrops like the “Pizza is Life” marquee letter sign, and their signature backdrop. If you have your own cinema lightbox, it’s super easy to change up the letters and use it as a photo opp location.

5 simple tips to throwing a fool-proof DIY pizza party. Let us know how you planned your party and what your tips and tricks are in the comments below.

Until next time,

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