Affordable Graduation Gifts You Can Order Online

Graduation is coming up this Spring, and while many graduates won't have a ceremony, it's still important to acknowledge their achievement with cards, well wishes and little gifts. Making a handmade card and mailing it to them is always an easy and affordable option, but if you're looking for a gift for close friends or relatives and don't want to spend a lot this is the guide for you. Since we're also practicing social distancing I made sure to include options that can be shipped!

Indigo is my go-to place for affordable gifts, they regularly have great sales and their stuff is usually great quality. Amazon is also great and their delivery service is always so quick and perfect for those times you awkwardly have to say "your gift is in the mail".

1. For The Coffee Lover

If they consider Starbucks an essential, this is the category for them.

Adorable Mugs + Their Go-To Coffee Order

You can pair this mug or this travel mug with their favourite cookies, coffee or tea, or a Starbucks gift card if you want to spend a little more. Definitely useful for post-grad life at work or relaxing at home.

Something to Brew Their Own Coffee

I think coffee presses are a really cute addition to a small kitchen because they aren't as big as a machine but still offer a better cup than instant coffee. There's definitely a wide price range so they are great for all budgets and you can pair with a delicious pack of ground coffee.

Prefer Tea?

David's tea is a must! They offer a huge variety and great quality but can sometimes be a little on the pricey side so look out for sales or special offers. You can also check their offering on Amazon if you're pairing with items from there. I really like the sampler packs and their travel mugs (definitely one of my most-used gifts).

2. For The Future Workaholic

They'll probably drink enough coffee for the entire office so skip the coffee and get them something to help jumpstart their career.

A Book That Gets Them Reading For Fun

What do you read after you no longer have assignments or textbooks? Get them a great book! A motivational book, one related to their career field or one that will teach them a new skill is always a good idea. If you want to add something to this, I'd pair it with a cute bookmark, a booklight or a lap desk.

Something for Their Work Wardrobe

Dynamite, H&M and RW & Co. offer some great clothes at different price ranges. Lots of basics or special pieces they can add to their work wardrobe. If you know their size you can find some great items in the sale section but if you aren't sure a gift card is always a good option. Winners, Hudson's Bay or Macy's have great options for men's ties, work shirts or wallets

3. For the Person Who'll Have Everything (because they are moving back in with their parents)


Because chances are they'll need it on several occasions, and also because bubbly can be a great celebration gift. The LCBO typically does home deliveries (they might currently be suspended) but there are definitely more restrictions than just buying in-store. Another option for wine gifts would be Yorkville's Custom Wine Gift Basket (a little more of a splurge) or a gift certificate to Wine Butler so they can make their own wine (be sure to check Groupon for regular coupons on this service).

If they aren't into wine maybe a nice bottle of their favourite spirit, a special whisky glass, or useful bar accessories.

A DIY Scrapbook or Photo Gift

As fun as these are to make in-person, if you're looking to put this together and ship directly online, I'd recommend Shutterfly, I think their photobooks and prints are great quality, there are lots of templates and they constantly have sales and promotions!

An Uber gift card

Whether they want to order their favourite restaurant's food or need a ride at 2 am, an Uber gift card is so useful!

High-end gifts for less!

Want to gift a handbag, wallet, watch or necklace without breaking the budget?

  • Consider organizing a group gift with family or friends.

  • Look out for surprise sales (especially Kate Spade).

  • Look at value designer retailers like DSW for reduced costs on designer brands.

  • Use Honey to find coupons for your favourite websites.

Let me know if you find any amazing gifts using any of these tips!

Until next time,

xx Sam


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