Everything You Need to Know About Packing for a Music Festival

One reason why I love summertime is because of all the music festivals that take place in the city.

This past August long weekend was OVO Fest, Veld Music Festival, and Osheaga Festival. Doing some research about the artist line-up is definitely important, but deciding what to pack to a music festival is quite tricky. After spending the weekend at Veld, here are some of my must-haves for a music festival.

Comfy Shoes

If you have a pair of comfy shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, these are the perfect shoes to wear! Trust me on this one, you do not want your feet to hurt within a few hours at the festival. You’ll most likely be on your feet the entire day and they key is to wear comfy shoes for the entire day. A couple years ago, I decided to wear a pair of cute sandals that matched my outfit to attend Osheaga and it was definitely not a good idea! Not only did my feet hurt, but the grass was wet and muddy and it got all over my feet. This year, I wore a pair of white sneakers that are super comfy but downside to wearing anything white is the potential for it to get dirty. Even though the grass wasn’t wet, I got accidentally stepped on a few times and the dirt and sand made my shoes super dirty at the end.


Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses! Not only do they make a cute accessory, they’ll also help block out the sun when you’re outside. But who am I kidding? My sunnies don’t help block any sun, but they make for super cute pics.

Bring a Light Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key to have a fun festival experience. Being out in the sun for hours can make your body feel tired and exhausted earlier than expected. Some music festivals have water-refilling stations so bring your reusable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated all day.

Portable Battery Pack

I noticed is that my phone’s battery drains depending on the weather outside. When it’s extremely cold/hot outside, my phone uses more battery than usual. Packing a portable battery pack is a good back-up in case you do run out of batteries. I got mine from Winners, but you can find these about anywhere!


I would just like to preface this by saying you can still get a tan by using sunscreen. After getting a sunburn a few years ago, I will not make that mistake again from skipping out on the sunscreen. I like to use a lightweight cream sunscreen that is water/sweat proof. Make sure that you bring a cream based sunscreen instead of a spray sunscreen; many places don’t allow the spray can types of sunscreen.

Cash (even if it’s a cashless event)

Sounds silly right? Nope! I find that even when places are “cashless” they still accept cash if that’s all you have. You don’t need to carry a large amount, but even having 20 dollars in cash will help just in case you need to use it for anything. I’ve heard stories of being being held as hostages in cab situations because their machine didn’t accept credit cards/debit cards, and restaurants not being clear that they are cash only when you eat there. Better safe than sorry!

Every music festival will have their own list of permitted and non-permitted items, so be sure to check that ahead of time!

What are some of your must-haves to pack with you when you’re at a music festival? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time,

xo Viv.


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