How to Throw a 1920’s Inspired Party

What better way to kick off the Roaring 2020’s than hosting a Great Gatsby-inspired 1920’s theme party this year? This year, I celebrated my 26th birthday in Vaughan Ontario by throwing a 20’s inspired hotel room party. Because my birthday is so close to New Years, it was convenient to find all things sparkly, black and gold, and decorations that go with the theme.


There’s a lot of websites where you can create your custom invites. I remember when Sam threw her Pancakes and PJs birthday party, I received such a cute invitation with the help of Punchbowl. Punchbowl is great for an interactive fun invitation to send directly to your contacts via text, email, social and a shareable URL link. For my invites this year, I used a site that I swear by for all things events. Have you heard of Canva? It is free to use and has so many options for templates and options. They even had a 1920’s theme template so it was perfect for me! I edited everything and printed it out for my guests so that they have a hard copy of the invite as well as an e-copy by simply copying and pasting it to a message/email.

Food & Drinks

Prohibition ends here, literally! The best drink to set up for your 20’s theme party has to be Gin & Tonic. Super easy to get bottles of gin, tonic water and slice up some limes to put in champagne glasses makes the bar super cute. There’s also no party without the bubblies! Bottles of champagne are cheap and add to that 1920’s theme.

For food, I brought bowls to put varieties of chips and popcorn in them. Bulk Barn sells these pretzel rods that kind of look like cigar sticks that worked perfectly with everything else. You can also dip them in chocolate and dip them in gold sprinkles for that added touch. Party City had a lot of gold candies that looked like décor as well. Because my party was so close to the holiday season I had a lot of leftover chocolates that I never finished. The Ferrero Rocher was used as food/décor and I put leftover chocolates in gold cupcake liners. Sam baked the cutest cake for me! It was piñata, candy-filled with pearl sprinkles on the outside and a cute champagne flute on the side.


All things sparkly, black and gold, and pearls can instantly make it look more Great Gatsby inspired. I purchased black, gold, white and clear balloons with gold confetti to fill the floor and the ceiling. I used tinsel and gold beads from Christmas to decorate the tables. If you have a felt letter board, or light box, you can write something cute and display it. Our local dollar store sold mini felt letter board and light boxes that would be cute for the bar and Fairy lights and white Christmas lights make cute decorations around the room as well.

Photo booth

Before this party I never owned a ring light. I found quite a cheap mobile one under $50 on Amazon and thought I’d get purchase it for the party because it always makes pictures look so good. I can’t say this enough but it was the best investment ever! Not only did everyone take advantage of that and take pictures, but I can use this for other photoshoots in the future. For my photobooth area, I bought a backdrop from Party city that is Gatsby inspired. It looks great to spice the room up but the flash on cameras do capture the reflective light and in pictures the backdrop looks wrinkly. The balloons and string lights definitely looked better in pictures than the backdrop.

No photobooth is complete without your instant camera! I have quite a few of instant cameras but my favourite one to bring to parties is my Instax Polaroid. I leave packs of films and photo props on a table with the camera for anyone to use.

Your Outfit

Pearls, boas, and flapper dresses? Yes please! Personally, I don’t have a flapper dress and many of my friends didn’t as well. But to imitate that 20’s look and feel, wear anything black or sparkly, and you will fit right in! I purchased colourful boas for people to put on top and pearls to wear for additional accessories. The boas do shed and get a bit messy, so be prepared to clean up if you do buy those.

The 1920’s was a period of plenty, let’s make the 2020’s just as amazing. Let us know in the comments if you throw your own 20’s inspired party. What theme event should we throw next?

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