How to throw a Pancakes & Pyjamas Party

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I’ve always liked low-key birthdays and love having my close friends over at least once a year. This year I thought about going out to dinner or inviting friends over for a wine and cheese night but my birthday usually falls right before final exams and for all of us still in school, we’re pretty stressed. I wanted to do something cute where everyone could just relax, catch up and enjoy themselves before their exams. I’m also a night person that’s obsessed with brunch food so I’d probably find any excuse to eat pancakes and drink rose at 9 pm.

Because I’m trying to save I also wanted to find some ways to reduce costs.


I usually just send a message or make a group chat if I’m hosting anything but I recently discovered Punchbowl while planning another event and now I’m kind of obsessed. It allows you to make and send themed invites through text, Facebook, email or a shareable link for free! It also let’s you fill out all the details and create a pot-luck list. These were what I sent through text.

Food & Drinks

I feel like this is a little obvious but we served pancakes! I bought 1 Costco bag of pancake mix which was definitely way too much (I’ll be eating pancakes every day for the rest of the year). I also got some toppings like syrup, whipped cream, strawberries and sprinkles.

I also bought a box of 48 mini quiche appetizers and they were delicious and super affordable. You can find them at Walmart for $10!

Vivian made an amazing cake and some impromptu cake pops and you can find all the details in her Insta Worthy Cake Under $15 and Copycat Starbucks Cake Pops posts!

Since it’s finally Spring in Canada, I had an excuse to make Frosé. So I made Watermelon Frosé and it was delicious! I also got a few juices and sparkling water, and a lot of the girls brought a bottle of wine or coolers.


Fortunately, some of my friends had leftover balloons from their previous birthdays so we filled my living room with balloons, covered my couch with pillows, and strung fairy lights to make it cozy. I also picked up some pink napkins and plastic wine glasses from the Dollar store.

Should we make this an annual thing (my pancake mix is good until 2023)? Let us know if you have any great party ideas we should try!

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