Our Top 7 Vacation Gifts

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

If you’re looking for a small gift for your friends that they can use during an upcoming trip or something they can keep as a memento. These are my picks for the top vacation gifts!

1. Coin Purses or Small Wristlets

Before my last girls trip, I got my friends cute coin purses to use around the resort for their room keys, money and any other small items they might need. These were so useful when they didn’t want to carry their wallets to the beach, pool or boating trip. The two I chose were the pineapple and parrot because they fit the tropical theme for the trip. Coin purses and wristlets are available everywhere and you can get lots of different price ranges. If you’re looking to save, many of the designer outlets have their wristlets discounted up to 70% off so I definitely recommend looking at these stores!

2. A Waterproof Phone Bag

I originally bought one of these for myself because I wanted to take photos in the water but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a completely waterproof digital camera. The pouch pictured above was part of Viv’s Christmas present after she loved using mine on vacation. I’m actually obsessed with these as I was able to take pictures and videos in the water without worrying about my phone falling in or getting splashed. I also used mine on water rides at Universal Studios and used the pouch to put any important tickets or cards that could not get wet. I absolutely recommend these for every trip as they have so many uses. You can find cute ones from aerie here but I got mine from Amazon here. Make sure to choose a clear option if you’re planning to use this to take photos.

3. Passport Cases & Luggage Tags

Another great option is a passport case, these usually have lots of slots on the inside and are perfect for keeping all important documents like visas, travel or medical insurance cards and flight and hotel information. There are so many cute ones available, the one pictured above is from Guess (t’s not available anymore but this is an alternative ). I also received one from Kate Spade which I love. These luggage tags are also a really cute gift option.

4. Face Masks

These are so useful when travelling as they keep your skin hydrated after long flights. For hydration I love these sheet masks from Sephora, Pink also has really cute masks but they are available at all pharmacies and can be really affordable. The sheet masks work better than the gels or liquid because they are a lot less messy and you can take them in your carry-on to use on the flight.

5. Polaroid Picture Frames

These are only useful if you or a friend have access to a Polaroid camera or printer but they make great gifts! Viv gave these as gifts on our last girls trip and everyone loved them. You can buy them at Amazon or Urban Outfitters.

6. Mini Body Mists

These are perfect when you don’t want to take perfume or full-sized body sprays on a trip. They are incredibly convenient to keep in your beach bag or purse and you can take them in your carry-on if they are under the limit. My favourite scents are Fresh & Clean from PINK and Pretty as a Peach from Bath & Body Works.

7. Travel Journal

Last but not least travel journals are a great idea if any of your friends enjoy writing, planning itineraries or scrapbooking. Indigo has the nicest journals and always has great sales.

Let us know what your favourite travel gifts are!

Until next time,

xx Sam


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