Secrets to Taking Your Most Insta-Worthy Pictures at Eye Candy: Toronto’s Newest Pop-Up Exhibit

Just when think you’re all caught up with Happy Place, Hide and Seek, and Utopia, another pop-up museum takes over Toronto. If you’re looking for bright and fun photo booths, this is the perfect place for you to add some colour to your life.

Located at Queen and Spadina, you will not miss This is Eye Candy with their bright pink store front in between neutral colour buildings. And if you’re lucky, they might be giving away popsicles or cotton candy outside their store!

I’ve been to Happy Place, Utopia Pop-up, and I can ensure you that this isn’t just any ordinary popup. The layout of the exhibit allows you to see all the different photo booths you’re working with. I found this very useful to know that I didn’t have to go through a maze and discover what’s next. You can see all the rooms and plan out which ones you want to spend a little more time in to get the best pics.

After spending a few hours here, and experiencing this pop-up there are a few things I wish I knew beforehand.

1. Go earlier

We arrived around half an hour earlier than what our ticket time was and they let us in. If you can go in the morning or later in the evening that is definitely the quieter time. We went in the afternoon right after lunch and it got really busy and crowded inside.

2. Know your rooms

I searched the #eyecandy hashtag and the location tag to see the types of room that are there. When I went, it was relatively new so I found that not all of the rooms were shown in one blog post or on people’s IG feeds. There are 11 booths, plus a few other areas that you can take pictures at.

My favourite room has to be the pizza room, and that’s only because I’m obsessed with pizza! But the best room for pictures has to be the disco ball room. The lighting is perfect, it goes with any outfit, and it’s great for boomerang vids as well!

3. Plan your outfit

I find that my outfit matters when all the rooms are so bright and colourful. I didn’t want to wear anything with a print to clash with any of the rooms, so I opted for jeans and a simple colour top. I did bring a jacket so I could’ve put it on for a few of the rooms, but it got really warm once more people started showing up.

4. Bring props

Many of the rooms have props for you to use but don’t be afraid to bring your own. In the optical illusion room with all the candy, I saw someone bring their own lollipop to lick. Super cute idea (I wish I brought that for myself)! In that room, I tried to blow a bubble with the gum I was chewing. If you were wondering, that picture didn’t work out. My bubble wasn’t pink or big enough.

The two rooms that have props for you are the safari room, and the jet room. There are 3 different types of hats in the safari room for you to wear and a bunch of different travel accessories in the jet plane including carry-on suitcase, magazines, a bouquet of roses and champagne glasses.

5. Watch what others are doing

I found it useful to watch what others are doing and glance around. Some people have the cutest and fun poses and you may be able to replicate and create your own from it.

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6. Have fun!

To get the best pictures, you gotta have fun! I used to be the most camera shy person ever and now I’m actively seeking opportunities to take pics and document my life. I find that the best way to open up and feel comfortable taking pictures are at events like this! The vibe is so positive, the staff are so friendly and helpful (they actively come and ask if they could help take group pics for us) and no one is judging.

Overall, for $15-20 it’s not a bad place to visit when you’re in Toronto this summer. If you ever want to visit for a second time, they have great second visit ticket prices for $5! But like all pop-ups, they don’t last forever. Eye Candy will run until late fall this year.

Did you get a chance to check out Eye Candy? Let us know your experience in the comments below!


xo Viv.


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