Summer Skincare: How to Maintain Your Vacation Glow

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Nothing beats that post-vacation look! I wanted to share a few tips to help you keep your sun-kissed glow as Summer comes to an end. The Fall and Winter can be tough to maintain so be sure to read to the end for how I fake a sun-kissed look year-round.

Start with a Healthy Tan

I used to think you couldn’t get a tan with the sun but quickly learned that wasn’t true. Choosing a slightly lower SPF works or staying out a little longer with a higher SPF is an option, just be sure to choose the right protection for your skin. Don’t overdo it! Gradually tan a little over a few days or weeks rather than all at once. This will reduce your risk of burning and peeling and help you maintain a longer tan.

Focus on Your Face

SPF moisturizer is essential! This summer I’ve been using Marcelle’s CC Cream with SPF 35 in the Medium to Dark shade whenever I leave the house (no foundation necessary). I love this cream but the only drawback is there are only 3 shades available. I’ve heard great things about itCosmetics CC+ with SPF 50 so I’ll definitely give that a try soon. They offer 12 shades with many undertones so there’s a lot more variety for every day.

Using a lip balm with SPF can keep your lips looking hydrated and healthy and also help you to avoid a terrible lip burn. Try the Nivea Sun Protect balm the next time you’re at the beach.

Keep Hydrated

Drink LOTS of water to maintain healthy skin! Drinking water helps to prevent the skin from peeling which can help extend the life of your tan.

Lathering up with a moisturizer is also essential, hydrated skin will maintain your tan much longer and help with irritation. Keep your moisturizer in the fridge for some post-sun cooling therapy.

For more tips check out our Vacation Hydration post!

Body Highlight for Extra Glow

I love adding some highlight powder to my shoulders and collar bones to accentuate a tan, this looks amazing with off the shoulder or strapless styles. Choose a highlight that has a lot of shimmer with a warmer base. I also love a body mist with glitter. Spritz the PINK Scented Shimmer Mist all over your arms to add some extra glow to your tan.

When in Doubt – Fake it

A little bronzer, blush and highlight go a long way when your tan is starting to fade and can help you fake that sun-kissed look. Lightly apply bronzer all over the face and neck and focus blush on the apples of the cheeks and tip of the nose. Keep your bronzer subtle to avoid looking like an obvious fake tan. Apply your highlight as usual but make sure to include the tip of the nose, and cupids bow for more glow.

Gradual tanning lotions are also great for keeping your tan going or giving you a subtle glow in the Winter. I personally use the NKD SKN Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturizer for a week before an event during the Winter or Spring.

Anything you tried recently to help maintain your tan? Let us know in the comments.




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