The Easiest DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

It’s finally December! Now that you’ve started (or in my case finished) your holiday shopping, we wanted to share our past and present gift wrapping to give you some ideas to switch up your traditional wrapping this year. Every year we’ve had a different mood or theme for the holidays so we came up with 4 of our favourites to share with you!

Vintage Holiday Wrapping

Wrapping gifts to make them look Pinterest-worthy makes the gift even more special when you give it away. This vintage wrapping is by-far the most eco-friendly and budget-friendly option.

What you’ll need to recreate the wrapping:

  1. Kraft paper

  2. Twine

  3. Pinecones

  4. Leaves

  5. Optional: white paint (I painted the sides of the pinecones with white to add an extra pop of colour)

  6. Glue gun

  7. Tags + markers

Sometimes when I order packages from certain places, they use kraft paper as a packing stuffer. SAVE THAT! You can use that to wrap your presents. If you don’t have any kraft paper lying around, I bought the roll from my local Dollarstore in the kraft section.

The next time you are walking outside if you happen to walk by some pine trees, look around and collect some pinecones you see on the ground. If there happen to be any pine tree trimmings, collect that as well. Leaves you find on the ground will work too. Last but not least you will need twine. I always have twine lying around for other uses but these can be easily found at any Dollarstore, kraft store and even hardware stores.

Modern Holiday Wrapping

For all the modern minimalist friends in your life, this wrapping is perfect for their gifts. Using simple patterns can create a clean and modern effect. While some of these add on accessories can add up, I recommend checking out the Dollarstore, buying a year ahead of time during Boxing Day sales, or asking friends and family for old Christmas decor to save some $$.

What you’ll need to recreate the wrapping:

  1. Plain white wrapping paper

  2. Glittery ribbon

  3. Tree decor/ Glittery accessories

  4. Glue gun

  5. Tape

Using the glue gun with this type of ribbon and the Christmas decor is important as it typically doesn’t work with just tape. The best part about this wrapping is that it is the easiest to put together at the last minute. Forgot to buy bows and wrapping paper? Substitute with printer paper and some decor found on the tree.

Fun and Girly Wrapping

This was my choice this year for all my closest friend’s gifts, I opted out of the traditional red and green because I wanted something different and decided to take inspiration from my favourite colours (and our logo).

What you’ll need to recreate the wrapping:

  1. Recycled boxes

  2. Metallic/ plain wrapping paper

  3. Glittery / satin ribbon

  4. Curling ribbon

  5. Glittery gift tags

  6. Glue gun

  7. Tape

To save money and encourage recycling, I used boxes I found around the house from old sweets containers and wine boxes to shipping boxes the gifts arrived in. Wrapping and decorating the box shape is a lot easier and it looks great under the tree.

This wrapping effect relies a lot on the ribbon, the glittery ribbon was a bit of a splurge ($7) so to make it last I halved the width to get twice the amount and added any scraps to the patterns I made with the curling ribbon. To save on ribbon buy on sale, check your local dollar stores or use old fabric that you have lying around.

Up your curling ribbon game

Curling ribbon is a lot cheaper ($1.50) but can look a little boring, I was tired of of this traditional style on every gift, so I decided to try to create some fun plaid pattern using the ribbon. Mixing both is also a great way to add some extra sparkle to a gift.

Before: Basic Curling ribbon

I used the ribbon and tape to create a basket weaving effect and placed the lines somewhat unevenly to avoid the shapes looking too symmetric.

After: Weaving pattern used to create a plaid pattern

I finished off all the gifts with these dollar store gift tags I found that incorporate some similar colours to compliment the wrapping. They were less than $2 for 12, but you could also print your own tags if you wanted something more personal.

The best part is this is easy to recreate with any colour combo, however, I recommend avoiding patterned paper as this can look a little too busy.

Non-traditional and Quirky Wrapping

What you’ll need to recreate the wrapping:

  1. Option 1: print a pattern you like on white paper with black ink

  2. Option 2: pick a stamp you like and black ink

  3. Option 3: black marker

  4. Yarn or twine (any bright colours)

When you have smaller gifts, it’s super easy to just print a pattern you like online with black ink on white printer paper. For larger gifts, if you have any stamps and ink handy, I like to stamp the white wrapping paper all over to create my own pattern. Lastly, if you don’t have any stamps, you can always use a black marker and draw quick designs on your white wrapping paper.

To add a splash of colour, I like to use neon yarn or colourful twine I find at the Dollarstore or any craft store. Using the yarn or twine instead of the traditional ribbon makes your gift wrapping fun and quirky kind of feel without the added effort!

Our Top Wrapping Tips

  1. Simple plain paper is affordable and the easiest to decorate

  2. Recycle old shipping boxes, shoe boxes and any boxes you can find around the house to save some $$ and be more environmentally friendly.

  3. Get your inspiration from the environment – collect acorns, pine leaves and flowers for decoration.

  4. Look for cheap alternatives to ribbon-like twine or old fabric.

  5. Check out coupons or buy your wrapping a year in advance when they go on sale for New Years.

  6. For small gifts, print your wrapping paper with black ink on regular size printer paper.

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